Rules Of Mezzy Scape

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Rules Of Mezzy Scape

Post  Admin on Sat Oct 04, 2008 6:34 pm

These are the rules of mezzy scape. If you choose not to follow them I cannot do anything but read your appeal and make my decison as to let you back into the game.


1) There is absolutley no swearing or flaming or cursing whatsoever. My sister (Jillian) Will bann you and im not even gonna talk to you. go to the forums and appeal it and ill consider it.

2) No Item scamming. Theres no need for it "be good and youll be rewarded" Yes, occasionally we give out free stuff.

3) No teaming in edge or mage bank. There are places where you can team else where.

4) No Pretending to be hidden mod or admin. 1st off I know who they are. 2nd they will ban you...

5) No casting againt NCP`s. IP-BAN!!!!!!!!


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